Johnnie Cabbell

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Johnnie Cabbell began building his entertainment empire GVTA, in 1999. For over a decade, the company motto has been to acquire success through focus and diligent works. A seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry, Cabbell is affiliated with the careers of some of Hip Hop’s most successful recording artists.

Helping to bring groups like D4L and Crime Mob to the forefront of the music scene, Johnnie Cabbell is often credited for the southern explosion in the new era of Hip Hop. Internationally breaking club anthems such as “Laffy Taffy” by D4L, Crime Mob’s “Knuck if You Buck” and more, Cabbell has been an instrumental machine behind every major music trend to ascend from Atlanta.

GVTA is the parent company to Cabbell’s successful business entities. Operating under the GVTA umbrella are Cabbell’s talent booking agency, Global Vision Talent Agency (formerly New Era Talent Agency), the talent management and entertainment services firm, Hitt afta Hitt Entertainment, and music label, HAH Records.

Global Vision Talent Agency (GVTA) is responsible for bringing your favorite artists live to the stage. Under GVTA, Cabbell handles performance and appearance bookings for talents such as the multiple award-winning artist, Nicki Minaj, and Hip Hop heavyweights like Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, Diamond, Shawty Lo and others. GVTA has an extended client booking base that consists of artists from Sean “Diddy” Combs to Rick Ross and many more! Cabbell’s roster represents talent booking anywhere from free promotional performances to six figure price tags.

As CEO and Principle Consultant of GVTA, Johnnie Cabbell works simultaneously with record labels and management companies to catapult the careers of award-winning artists. The management impact of Cabbell’s business savvy and industry experience boasts applaudable career accomplishments. Under Cabbell’s management, international rapper, Fabo entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most downloaded ringtones ever for the hit song, “Laffy Taffy.”

Over the years, Cabbell has seen his staff grow from a one-man show to a successful media operation. His team has gone from sharing a small office space to occupying its own headquarters. GVTA Enterprises also offers outsource services in the fields of Public Relations, Marketing, Consulting, Imaging, and Radio and Show Promotions – all in an effort to advance the careers of deserving talents in the areas of Music, Television and Film.

Cabbell expresses the vision for his empire, “I want to be the exclusive entertainment powerhouse that represents success and professionalism for the south; and establish an environment where my talent feels like they have a home at GVTA. My goal is to give them everything they need, so that they don’t have to feel they need to move to New York or LA to be successful.”

When he isn’t in the office, vigorously working to advance his company and its artists, Johnnie Cabbell often extends himself to speak professionally – offering his industry experience and entrepreneurial expertise at colleges, industry panels and other related events. An exemplary leader, Cabbell adamantly enforces to his staff and colleagues that success should be synonymous with giving, and believes in keeping a thankful spirit.

Cabbell founded The Blessing in the Sky Foundation, where the organization’s vision is to “build stronger communities by strengthening families, empowering youth and uplifting the homeless and hungry.” Cabbell also participates in numerous charitable initiatives, radio promotion events, and community outreach programs such as Hosea Williams’ Feed the Hungry, the Russell Simmons-endorsed campaign “Make It Rain in the Hood,” as well as others.

Johnnie Cabbell continues to set high standards for himself and his team. With his resume of successes, he diligently strives to increase the momentum. With his ingenuity and the ability to re-invent himself and his enterprise, it is safe to say that GVTA is a permanent fixture in the entertainment industry.